The Manual and The Machine.

Industrial jazz punk. We live in San Rafael and San Francisco. We hear peacocks on the road sometimes.

Paul Gaffney: voice, guitar, tone;
Dan Gudgel: voice, drums, texture.  

March, 2018: Yes, we're still here. We've been here all along. New music coming soon.

Tapes: Cash, trade to 1401B San Bruno Ave., San Francsico, CA 94110

October, 2013
Criminal Justice / Population Bottleneck.
One half denial of liberty, one half abuse of liberty.
Zipped mp3s (70 Mb)
lyrics. cover.
tape, $3 ppd.

Criminal Justice
The Hole | Suture | Prisoner's Dilemma | Got This | Suture | The Call | Past Performance Predicts | Suture | Opt Out | Suture | One Kind Favor (Deacon L. J. Bates) | Suture

Population Bottleneck
Satellites Circling Cold Glass | Map Making, Land Taking | Manifest Destiny | Ignore a Warning | Transatlantic Cable | Charley Horsepower | Human Nature Preserve

February, 2012
Social Services. 6 songs about the failure of civilization.
Side 1: Walking All Day/How you got in here/I Got This (20.5 Mb)
Side 2: Cold Inside/No/Dazed, Confused (23 Mb)
tape, $3 ppd

June, 2011
Boiler Maker. Factory town.
01. turn it back on / crucibles (6.4 Mb)
02. past performance predicts / pressure vessel (6.4 Mb)
tape, $3 ppd


Played at the Knockout, S.F., Thursday, April 10, 2014. Thanks MRR & Thrillhouse!


Boomy one mic set at The Knockout, SF,


September, 2009.
The Manual and the Machine Just Don't Get the Blues
The kazoo was cheap, but its sound is large.

01. Fucking Promises (5 3/5 Mb)
02. Crosscut Saw (Albert King) (6 1/6 Mb)
03. shoulder-glancing, staying hid (1 1/6 Mb)
04. Good Liquor Gonna Carry Me Down (Big Bill Broonzy) (5 1/2 Mb)

August, 2009.
Industrial Noise Jazz
Saw a lot of folks sleeping in their cars last night.

01. rizika která chcete pojistit (6 1/4 Mb)
02. i,i insist (6 1/4 Mb)
03. tag overflow (5 Mb)

Not Christmas, Not Not Christmas, 2007
The figs on the abandoned lot went from thick-skinned green knots, to withered brown husks without ever ripening. Some things never have a right moment.

01 Watch Your Back, He's Coming* (4 Mb)
02 Slayryde (3 1/5 Mb)
03 God Bless You, Irving Berlin* (3 3/4 Mb)
04 Precocious Thing* (2 7/10 Mb)
05 Precious Thing* (3 1/10 Mb)
*We didn't write the words to these ones.

March and April, 2007.
Note Volume, Exchange Next.

01. We won't hesitate to use (2 1/2 Mb)
02. the engine tick (2 1/2 Mb)
03. of the slip-disk carousel. (2 1/2 Mb)
04. Five minutes of noise (1/2 Mb)
05. when the torque wrench calls its mattress from a phone booth. (3 Mb)
06. We'll hear the all-clear (2 Mb)
07. and the cricket swarm will learn our lessons for us. (1/2 Mb)




Dan, Paul; Lafayette CA
Paul, Dan; Lafayette CA
Dan, Paul; San Rafael CA

Steve, Dan; San Rafael CA



I was late because the bus I was on took the door off a parked car just before Fillmore.

Paul; San Rafael CA


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