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Acoustic Works  


612 ep: an exploration of 6 and 12 string guitar as both a solo and multi-tracked instrument.

1. intro (pulse)
2. dancing drops
3. broken sky
4. prelude
5. spanish dance II
6. sweet dreams
7. outro (pulse)

  Electric Works  

Lovesongs & Lullabyes: Songs for Winter-- originally created as naptime music for annie's preschool class, this album is full of harmonic textures and rich layers of sound.

i am supported by the weight of the world
lovesong #1
standing in the valley watching clouds
lovesong #2
something i tried to say before
i hear you breathing as the sun rises
in my dream i was flying and you were the one with wings
even though it's raining outside we can still dance


A Soundtrack for the War: a day in the life during the war--full of distractions in the form of both sweet harmonies and dissonant noise--sometimes it feels complete and sometimes the end comes abruptly. Crowd sounds from the peace rally in SF 02/04.

prelude (a clear stream of reason)
i . the bombs begin falling
ii. another day begins at home
iii. beauty
iv. shuffling through
v. daydream
vi. the answer?
vii. driving home
viii. sunsets in the west
ix. storming the desert before dawn/closing credits


Music for Headphones
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